Nico Lagan

Public Speaker, Achology Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Muay Thai Instructor and Host of the Relax Just Love Podcast

A lifelong martial artist, Nico dabbled with all sorts of martial arts until he discovered Muay Thai back in the early two thousand. After years of competitions, he became a Muay Thai Kru in 2018. He believes that martial arts, just as life, are as much about the body as they are about the mind.

A gym rat at heart, Nico is also an advanced deep-sea diver, meditation enthusiast, an avid reader, a certified life coach and NLP practitioner. You have as many chances to catch him reading a psychology book as you do working out.

Nico has been working in technical sales for well over a decade. He quickly realized that sales are just another form of psychology. His ability to ask the right questions and direct a conversation are what made him excel as a Sales Engineer.

Nico is the host of the Relax, Just Love Podcast, spoken words have never been truer or more personal. The podcast platform allows him to merge his love of listening to himself speak and his thirst for knowledge.

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