Episode #34: Pastor Al Descheneau (english)

In today podcast I sit down with Pastor Al Descheneau, yeah that’s right, you heard me right a pastor!! Pastor Al is a Baptist preacher, author, podcaster, a husband and father of 4. He holds a masters of Divinity from the Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta, he also holds a bachelor of Religion from the North American Baptist College also in Edmonton, Alberta. Pastor Al is 43 years old and has been preaching from more than a decade now.


In my previous podcasts I often mention and make reference to our society lack of morality and I feel that a young pastor could bring a modern approach to some of the concepts that Christianity teach. The stories contained in the bible are more than just stories, they contain codes of conduct and morality that we have, as a society, seem to have forgotten. 


During the podcast we touch on concepts like self growth, sacrifice, believing in something bigger than yourself, how working on being a better person will encourage the people around to you to do the same. Don’t worry, Pastor Al is not trying to convert you or is he?? Hahaha just kidding… I just thought it would be a great podcast to sit down and discuss with a Pastor.

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